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SSC public exams chief proformas software for march 2020

AP/ TS 10th Class Public Exam Software

for SSC March 2020 Exam Centers Chief Records, Proforma, Letters and Proceedings. SSC Public Exam Center Chief Proceedings Software 10th public exams chief proformas software for march 2020 SSC Public Exams March 2020 Proformas for CS & DO. SSC Public Exams Chief , DO Proformas Proceedings and Chief issue Certificates list Software for March 2020. SSC Exam Centers Chief Proformas SoftwareSoftware Prepared by C.Ramanjaneyulu.

SSC/ 10th Exam Center Software March 2020 - Download Chief Proceedings, Proforma's, Letters, Certificates

Software for SSC Exam Centers Chief Records, Proformas, Letters and Proceedings

Software Useful for Chief Dairy Seating Arrangement Proforma , Question Paper Distribution Plan Proforma Reporting of Examination Personnel Attendance and Room allotment, Question Paper Account Proforma in Software.

Telangana SSC Exam Centers Chief and DO Maintained Records , Registers :

  1. Question Paper Account Register ( to be maintained by Dept.Officer)
  2. Question Paper Deposit & Withdrawal Register
  3. Police Station Register ( Daily Q.P Set No. to be noted)
  4. Staff Attendance Register.
  5. Absentee Statement Register.
  6. Bundles Depatch Register(Post Office work)
  7. Visitors Register.
  8. Answer Scripts & Bar Code Sheet Register ( Used / Unused details)
  9. Mal Practice Case (M.P Case) Register
    SSC Exam Centers Chief and DO Maintained Proformas and Letters :

SSC before Exam Conduct Useful

  1. Question Paper Deposit and Withdrawal Proforma.
  2. Releiving Orders
  3. Figure Statement
  4. Examination Letters to S.I,Tahasildar,M.E.O, Medical Officer,APSRTC & Post Office 2
  5. Instructions to Invigilators

SSC During Exam Conduct Useful

  1. Room-wise attendance Sheets (Student)
  2. Seating Plan
  3. Exam Staff ID Cards
  4. Bundle Slips
  5. Bundle title page
  6. Consolidated Absentee statement
  7. M.P Case Proforma
  8. M.P Case booking letter to J.S,BIE,A.P
  9. Post Office Booking Proforma
  10. Annexure – I,II,III (Answer Books)

SSC After Exam Conduct Useful

  1. Work done Statement
  2. Attendance & Acquittance for Remunerations
  3. Exam. Bill Proforma
  4. T.A & D.A Bill form
  5. Post – Examination material submission Letter to RIO
  6. Conveyance Allowance
  7. Remuneration rates, admissible, scale of appointment
  8. Bill submission Covering letter to J.S (Accounts ).

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