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Telangana  SSC 2019 Internal Marks Online feeding/ uploading  at official portal bsetelangana guidelines. TS SSC 2019 Internal Marks Online Entry/ feeding/ uploading at bsetelangana site Guidelines, Model entry illustrations, Direct login Links: TS SSC 2019 Internal Marks online uploading at | TS ssc internal marks online entry 2019 10th proforma : TS SSC internal marks online feeding at | TS SSC FA marks entry DGE Telangana has given instructions to all DEOs for feeding of TS SSC inter marks on web portal TS SSC Public Examinations March 2019 Feeding of Internal Marks. DGE has Informed to the MEOs that the internal marks FA have to be uploaded by the Headmasters for regular candidates pertaining to SSC Public Examinations March 2019 on webportal . In this regard all the educational officers are requested to make arrangements for feeding internal marks FA duly instructing Deputy Educational Officers to moniter the process of work day to day basis till the work is completed. Other important instuctions also have to be followed without fail.

Procedure to calculate  Telangana 10th class Internal Marks 

The Headmasters shall keep the cumulative records containing the marks of 4 Formative tests of all the subjects of SSC candidates ready on February 2020.

Online Entry Example 1 :

Calculation of Internal Marks
Suppose a student has secured 12 marks in the 1st formative test, 14 in the second, 15 in the third and 13 in the 4th formative test in a particular subject, then the average has to be taken as follows:

  1. The sum of the 4 formative tests : 12 + 14 + 15 + 13 = 54
  2. Average : 54/4=13.5
  3. The 13.5 may be rounded off to 14 and the figure has to be taken into account for posting. If the average score is between 13.1 to 13.4 it has to be rounded off to 13 only.

Online Entry Example 2 :

A candidate has secured 15 in the 1st formative test, 14 in the 2nd, 15 in the 3rd test and absent for 4th formative test.
  1. The sum of the 3 formative tests : 15 + 14 + 15 = 44
  2. Divide it by 4 : 44/4=11
  3. The Quotient 11 has to be taken into account.

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